Sléptis, translating to hidden from its original language, is the debut album of musician Strië. The music defines any particular genre classification, but includes elements that connects it with classical, jazz, electronic and is thoroughly drenched with cinematic aspects and borrows loosely from the neolithic genre acoustic doom. With this outset, and Strië described the album’s gestation process as one in which the sounds and the story of Sléptis sought her out, rather than vice versa, it is with a veil of the enigmatic and apparent semi-obscurity, Soundscaping releases its third title.

The songs of Sléptis meet the listener as a series of overlapping, recurring stories – fragmented in each track and also across the whole album. Strië weaves intricate and richly detailed soundscapes that creep into the corners of one’s imagination and probe and provoke to uncover the hidden aspects of the world portrayed in Sléptis. The sound is often nestled in familiar and warming tones, but the atmosphere just as easily shifts to cold and darker territories, tinkering with the alien and unseen, and in all of this Strië manages to retain a red line winding its way through her imaginative, sonic journey. Ultimately the message conveyed is left hanging in the air and up to the listener to determine, as such yielding both a pleasant listening experience as well as challenging the listener.


1. Expiring of Identity (06:31)
2. Alone in The Crowd (04:56)
3. Infected Realism (04:50)
4. Fading Away (05:19)
5. Hiding in The Wardrobe (05:28)
6. Simulated Sleep (04:49)
7. Fragments of The Past (05:52)
8. Crack in The Boards (04:39)
9. Excuse (05:00)
10. Subtraction (04:39)


6. Simulated Sleep
Simulated Sleep – Strië (from the forthcoming Sléptis, SOUND003)

10. Subtraction
Subtraction – Strië (from the forthcoming Sléptis, SOUND003)

Strië - SléptisStrië - SléptisStrië

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Released: Oct 15, 2010
Format: CD
Price: $11.00 (incl. P&P)